An idyllic setting for a magical day.

Located in Houston, TX, the San Souci Ballroom is an opulent wedding venue ideal for those that wish to add some glitz and glamour to their special day. This property features a gated entrance, impeccably landscaped driveway, and palatial interior facilities that are sure to be a perfect setting for your momentous occasion.

The San Souci Ballroom allows you to enjoy both your ceremony and reception on the property. You can begin the day by readying yourself in one of their generous preparation suites, outfitted to accommodate any hair and makeup teams you might have with you. Your ceremony can take place outside, under the covered gazebo.

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You can seat up to 300 guests in this marvelous space, complete with 50 hand-crafted marble columns and a water curtain feature. A romantic bridge can also be accessed here, which is ideal for your wedding portraits after you exchange your vows. The Grand Foyer features a breathtaking chandelier that measures 16 feet in diameter, surrounded by an imperial staircase that provides yet another perfect photo opportunity.

Just around the corner from this staircase is the main ballroom area. This spacious event hall features a total of 30 chandeliers, each of which can be customized with colors that match your wedding theme. Dining for up to 1000 guests, a built-in dancefloor, three separate bars, and an entire stage for your after-dinner entertainment are all available to be set up in this stunning ballroom. You can look forward to a once-in-a-lifetime celebration at this truly unique event space.

The Glass Forum, which has recently undergone renovations, is a highly sought-after all-glass venue suitable for all sizes of indoor and outdoor events. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful outdoor scenery of a garden adorned with Roman statues, a bridged gazebo over a pond, and the elegant sight of glistening chandeliers reflecting natural sunlight. This makes it the ideal location for intimate events and ceremonies. If you’re planning an evening event, our state-of-the-art outdoor lighting can create the perfect atmosphere you’re envisioning.

The San Souci Ballroom also offers a great number of services to couples that wish to celebrate on the property. You can enjoy the help of experienced event coordinators, expert bar staff, valet attendants, and more to help your celebration run as smoothly as possible. The staff can also recommend a list of their preferred vendors, ensuring that your event is serviced by the very best in the industry.